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Talking Timerz

About Us

Talking Timerz is the Brainchild of Tom and Lori Pappas. Funny people in their own right, you know what I mean….ha ha funny… not odd funny. Whatever.

They are a formidable entrepreneurial team. Lori also had a break-though idea for a new type of alternative energy for the entire planet. According to her it was one of the toughest decisions to go for the Talking Timerz product. “As tireless as I am, sometimes you just can’t do everything”, she exclaimed.

Talking Timerz

Tom is the saavy business-idea guy. When asked "Why Talking Timerz?" Tom said after a long and thoughtful pause. “Why not?”... throwing his hand in the air.

At one point, Tom wanted all the characters and animals to have heavy New York accents. A novel idea. However, after countless meetings and more meetings it was decided that maybe a wider appeal, might be better. Always the facilitator/compromiser he finally acquiesced…but he may be right on the New York accent thing after all…”We’ll let the market decide” he wisely stated....then added enthusiastically "Can you imagine a Dolphin with a New York accent – how funny is that?" Fugetaboutit...

Tom and Lori agree on their single purpose in life – "bringing levity and joy to the lives of faceless millions is one of the most harmonious, holistic and selfless endeavors we could ever be involved with. We are so fortunate!"

And also what’s so wrong about making a buck or 2 along the way….Heyyy?

And Thus…Talking Timerz was born…and the story continues….


Our Guarantee

If for any reason, you are not satisfied within the first 30 days of purchasing your Talking Timerz, you may simply return the product in saleable condition to us for a complete refund less shipping and handling. Click here for more information on our policies.

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